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Case Studies

ViewFence App Helps Home Buyers Review and Rate Homes They Visit

ViewFence evaluated several mobile application development platforms (MADP). Appery.io stood out for the following reasons. 

AI-powered Personal Change App

Enkr8ia was looking for a cost-effective and intelligent solution to go beyond the tedious stats. Demand for a clean interface and off-line support was prioritized as well as a virtual coach that require some tricky API integration.

Motivation App

New Habit is a free iPhone app that aims at giving you that little boost you need to stay motivated. Choose between five personal goals, such as enjoying the present moment, feeling the love, or being more healthy.

Asset Tracking App

Learn how GoCodes turned to Appery.io to build an Android app and provide a powerful and easy-to-use development tool that could cut development time in half and enable existing team members to quickly get up-to-speed without any special training.

Telecommunications Provider

“The integration between GUI development and REST is phenomenal. We can develop proofs of concept very quickly, and even do several iterations in the time it would normally take to code by hand.” – Principle Architect at the company.

Conference Booking App

To solve the well-known conference room double booking problem, Exadel decided to build a mobile conference management app using the Appery.io platform and deploy it throughout its office worldwide. 

Financial Services Firm

“With Idea Labz and Appery.io, we were able to build an eco-system for all our advisors with a custom app integrated with our existing core system,” said the director of the company.

Cel Cabs

Thanks to Idea Labz and Appery.io, customers rave that, “be it cab reservations, booking a pick up and drop off time, or choosing a location, it has never been this easy before!”

Dolmur Club

“This mobile app helped us achieve great customer satisfaction. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers by streamlining their interaction with the club through the app. Our manual work has also been reduced to quite an extent, as most of the process is now automated,” said Mr. Naveen S., a senior committee member.

The New Santro Driving School

“It’s so much easier to coordinate and communicate to our customers. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers and students as well,” the sales director of the company said. “This app has definitely served our purpose, it’s a total time saver!”

Pharmacy Retailer

“Thanks to its cloud-based approach, Appery.io enabled us to easily onboard our partners without any infrastructure deployment, maintenance, or training; something our existing platform did not support,” said the Director of Digital Innovation at the company.

Financial Services Firm

Within 3 months, the firm launched the first mobile app to more than 300 financial advisors…the Sharepoint app has enabled the mobilization of the employee base and improved profits and sales.


“Our sales representatives are better supported, since they now have on-demand access to their sales account information,” said Luc Fournier, IT Analyst and Technology Advisor at Berger. “Thanks to the development of this app we expect more accurate sales data for both marketing and management.”

Progress Software

“Exadel worked with us tirelessly to make sure we got what we needed to make the OpenEdge Mobile product a success” said Dion Picco, Manager of Product Management at Progress Software Corporation.

Major U.S. City

With the help of Appery.io and the application, all of these factors will help citizens to better keep track of the water they use, and the water that is being wasted. “Using this app will allow all city residents to report water waste, which will eventually produce water savings,” the developer said. “Our goal is water conservation.”


“We are able to offer Android and iOS apps faster and at a lower cost,increasing our competitiveness significantly. Appery.io enabled us to keep up with the increasing demand from our customers for mobile applications,  helping grow our business” said Neel Sus, CEO of Susco.


“With Appery.io, we reduced the time to build an app to a minimum, we can easily integrate new services into our system, and we provide our customers with more value,” said Elad Welner, CEO of EZAPP.


“From the first few clicks it was intuitive. The ease of integration with the database was a key selling point.”

— Shaun Summers, Creator of MySizeIn

Colorado Behavior Health Council (CBHC)

“Not being required to use one specific method or being limited to only one way of doing things made me feel like I had the ability to make the app the way I wanted to.”

– Joseph Councilman, Membership Services and Executive Assistant to the CEO 

Motorway Cam App

 “Appery keeps pushing the boundaries. When I started, the platform was great…now it’s transformed into an enterprise solution, while not forgetting the lone coder.”

– Andy Parker, Creator of the Motorway Cam App